Our Services ___________


Trust Accounts

Assistance with maintaining a separate client ledger for each client who has funds in the trust account. A statement of account will be sent to all trust creditors periodically to maintain transparency and as required by the LPA, we will facilitate attorney’s trust accounts audits which are crucial for obtain a fidelity fund certificate.

Business Accounts

  • Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Year-end financial statements
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Monthly management accounts
  • Income tax returns and advice
  • Unlimited ad-hoc consultancy
  • VAT returns


  • We offer complete payroll services including deductions, benefits, leave
    management, payslip delivery and bulk salary payments.
  • We handle all UIF and Department of Labour paperwork
  • Submittal of EMP 201s to SARS monthly and provide IRP5s at the end of the financial year.

SARS Support

  • Registration and deregistration of taxes: VAT, PAYE, Income
  • SARS debt registration
  • Tax planning
  • Deceased estates