ABOUT ______________


Company History

Legal-Acc was founded as a division of the award-winning BN Business Solutions in 2018 following the enactment of the Legal Practice Act (LPA). The objective was to offer bespoke and specialised accounting, taxation and compliance related services for legal practitioners.

What the company does

As a specialised division of BN Business Solutions, we offer all-inclusive accounting services for legal practitioners. Our approach to service delivery is bespoke hence our packages are made to suit the specific needs of your practice. Through efficiency and unparalleled turnaround time, we ensure month on month records for both the business and trust accounts. Such a procedure reduces the time spent on auditing hence saving you up to 65% of accounting and auditing fees. We deliver more value by offering a combined accounting and auditing package that saves our client’s costs, ensures compliance with the Legal Practitioner’s Act and overall better managed financial affairs of the client’s practice.

OUR __________


Vision Statement

To become an industry leader, providing leading solutions to legal practitioners in an efficient, cost effective and innovative manner, thereby achieving significant market share in the legal practi tioners accounting and auditing sector.

To become a reference point in the development and growth of the legal practictioners accounting sector.

To be a preferred and trusted legal practictioners accounting firm and emulate the parent
company’s success track record.

Mission Statement

Taking from the vast needs of legal practitioners as per the LPA, we aim to provide bespoke services that meet the dynamic needs that different legal practitioners have. Compliance plays a crucial role in the legal profession; hence we aim to be a preferred compliance partner as far as accounting, tax and auditing is concerned. Simply put, we are a “one stop shop” for all legal accounting needs offering diverse services in a flexible and accommodating manner.


  • Reliability – to be a dependable accounting partner to our clients.
  • Consistency – to deliver excellent level of performance that will not vary to the negative but will improve with time.
  • Commitment – our pledge to excellence, we are dedicated to delivering superior services at all times.
  • Passion – to approach all our client’s needs with enthusiasm and eagerness.
  • Professionalism – to provide knowledgeable and flexible professionals to our clients.

Focus: provide superior legal accounting services that are all inclusive, provide continuous accounting support to legal practitioners to meet their needs and demands as per the LPA’s requirements, provide affordable services without compromising the quality of the work.

Difference:Specialised services mean further skills development in a specific field, hence specialised services being expensive. Legal-Acc is able to maintain its cost-effective price structures as the parent company has the necessary skills hence the accounting skills are already available. More so, we aim to provide support services such as the inclusion of reporting services for the legal practitioners.